Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash: A Film Universe You Can Experience in Real Life


(Above photo shows store exterior)

In a previous post, I covered the QuickStop Groceries convenience store, which served as the location for Kevin Smith’s iconic film, Clerks. About fifteen minutes away from the QuickStop is a comic book shop in Red Bank owned by Smith called Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.


(The Mooby’s Statue and Buddy Christ props used in actual films. Photo courtesy of flickr)

The Secret Stash boasts a hefty collection of both comic books and memorabilia related to Smith’s films. Smith fans can purchase apparel and gift items as well as view a variety of props used in past films such as the Mooby’s uniforms from Clerks II, the Buddy Christ statue from Dogma, and the original Silent Bob outfit from Clerks.


(God of Comics, Stan Lee, visits the Secret Stash to meet with some Comic Book Men cast members, photo courtesy of mtv.com)

Fans of AMC’s original series Comic Book Men might also recognize the Secret Stash as one of the show’s filming locations. If you visit the store, you might have the chance to run into one of the cast members and meet them. I once met Jason Mewes (Jay of Jay & Silent Bob)  there when he was visiting.

The store features a plentiful collection of current and past issues of comic books, but the store’s main focus is definitely memorabilia related to Smith’s films and Comic Book Men. My favorite item I purchased there is definitely a replica hat of the one Jason Lee wore in Chasing Amy. I bought the last one they had in stock, and I didn’t see another one there for at least over a year.

The best part of the Secret Stash, however, is definitely the opportunity fans have to see props used in the films. It allows viewers a rare chance to merge fantasy and reality. While most of the props are protected behind glass enclosure, the wide variety of them provide a mini-museum of Smith’s films for visitors to enjoy.

I assure you the store is open, and you can visit yourself at 35 Broad Street in Red Bank.

Mark my words, Secret Stash, I shall return to acquire my Leonardo Reapers jersey!

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