Bagel Pantry, NJ’s Best Bagels and More!


Bagel Pantry has been one of my local favorites ever since I was a child. While I admit I’ve never visited the Metuchen location, the South Plainfield has been a frequent stop of mine for as long as I can remember. Recently, they just moved locations from Plainfield Ave to their new spot on South Plainfield Ave (in the same shopping complex as the giant Walgreens).

Due to frequently being away from the area during the school year, a visit to bagel pantry when returning home from school is always a treat. This year, I returned home to visit their new location, and let me tell you, the new location has a lot of style points. The exposed brick walls, the copper ceiling tiles, and the curved glass deli cases on either side of the store give the place a very clean-cut and warm atmosphere. The South Plainfield/Piscataway area has long lacked a place with a local coffee shop/cafe atmosphere, and Bagel Pantry has finally filled that void. No longer are the people of that area stuck having to seek that environment at Starbucks or Panera on the other side of town!


Bagel Pantry, of course, is known for its handmade bagels, which I admittedly eat way more of than I should. Their egg bagels are a standout menu option. Whether you just get butter or cream cheese or get some grilled breakfast meet sandwiched in between, the egg bagel is certainly a sure bet for great taste. They also offer a very interesting bagel called the french toast bagel which is a bagel baked with french toast-style dough and topped with syrup and powdered sugar. For all the breakfast foodies with a sweet tooth, definitely make sure you get one of those with some butter spread in between.

With their new location, Bagel Pantry has also added some new menu features that were not present in their previous Plainfield Ave location. They now offer a wide variety of sandwiches you can get pressed on panini (yes, they will do breakfast food paninis too!). They also offer a new coffee menu featuring everything from the average cup of joe to high quality espresso beverages (without the outrageous pricing like Starbucks, which is always a plus).

All in all, Bagel Pantry’s new look creates a fantastic environment for eating and socializing. I could definitely see myself plopping my laptop down on one of their tables and writing one of these blog posts while sipping a coffee and eating another one of their egg bagels. What makes this place great is they saw a need in the area and they filled it nicely. Now people along the county line between Middlesex and Union County have a new, independent coffee shop/cafe-style venue that offers a stylish break from the tired atmosphere of a Starbucks or Panera Bread. Not to mention their bagels are so good, they are worthy of you going out of your way to acquire a couple of them!

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