Calabrese’s Barber Shop: Where Classic Style Meets Quality Craftsmanship

cbbs(Photo Courtesy of Yelp!.)

Situated amidst Keyport, New Jersey’s Front Street Neighborhood, amongst all the antique shops, tattoo parlors, and eateries, lies Calabrese’s Barber Shop – a modern establishment with a true, classic atmosphere that stands out amongst other places where people simply go for a haircut.

Once opening the door, first-time patrons may feel the impression they’ve just stepped back in time. The old time country music playing on the radio, classic-style barber chairs, the antique cash register, and a display case featuring a mini museum of vintage and antique barbering products all contribute to Calabrese’s Barber Shop’s authentic and timeless atmosphere that many other shops try to replicate and rarely succeed.

I first visited the shop about two years ago when my friend Mitch introduced the place to me. At the time, he had aspirations to become a barber himself and was learning tricks of the trade from shop owner, Chris Calabrese. Fast forward two years later, and now Mitch is a licensed barber giving excellent haircuts at Calabrese’s Barber Shop.

Some might ask, beyond the shop’s design points, why is it a unique place worth visiting? Well, from my personal experiences there, I’ll explain.

As I started frequenting the place more often, I realized Calabrese’s Barber Shop is not just a place where people just sit silently while getting their haircut and leave. The reason this place is a true classic barber shop is due to the fact that it also holds a strong community presence. It is not uncommon for many people in the community to pop open the shop’s door just to say hello. The barbers and regular patrons are very friendly people that create a welcoming environment for any first-time customer.

Now, there’s one aspect I haven’t quite touched on just yet: the actual haircuts. The three barbers there: Chris, Ben, and Mitch are all professionally licensed barbers with a lot of experience under their belts, so any apprehensive customer can leave their pre-haircut anxiety at the door. Customers can ask for a variety of both classic and modern cuts and walk away more than satisfied with the outcome.

The shop also carries a selection of excellent hair products, mostly manufactured by Layrite and Asbury Park, NJ-based company Shear Revival. These are the products they will use to style your hair, which you can purchase yourself to get the same style at home.

To sum this all up, Calabrese’s Barber Shop is, in my opinion, the best barber shop in the area. Friendly, highly-skilled barbers put all their effort into giving customers the best experience possible. For a real authentic barber shop, look no further than here.

Calabrese’s Barber Shop Facebook Page

Shear Revival Website (subject of future blog post!)


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