Jack’s Music Shoppe: A Wholesome Garden State Record Store

Jack's Music Shoppe exterior - photo courtesy of Sound And Vision

Jack’s Music Shoppe exterior – photo courtesy of Sound And Vision

Right across from Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, you might see another storefront that once appeared in another Kevin Smith film. Jack’s Music Shoppe, a location featured briefly in Smith’s Chasing Amy, is a one-stop shop for all aspects of music.

I’ve gone to Jack’s for a number of years now. I always consider it a treat to visit there, and it’s great that a music store has such a prominent presence in a thriving downtown neighborhood.

Jack’s has it all. Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, and even sells musical instruments. Their selection of both new and used music is very thorough and fairly priced. While Jack’s is a great place to indulge in everything music, I’m not writing this blog post to solely praise the store’s vinyl selection or anything like that. Jack’s is a rare breed of quality music shops that are a prominent fixture in the community.

Anyone can acquire music over the Internet. Point, click, and in some cases, actually pay for the music to be downloaded directly to your device’s memory. Jack’s is one of those few places in the world that decide to say “NO” to the digital age and they do so with class. There’s just something different and better about purchasing a physical copy of your favorite music and taking it home with you.

Jack's interior facing the front entrance - Photo courtesy of The Lavender Luxury

Jack’s interior facing the front entrance – Photo courtesy of The Lavender Luxury

For a budding vinyl collector, Jack’s proves an excellent place to acquire a few staples you’d need as a base for your collection. They have a great selection of old, used records in the back where you can find some classic albums for less than even 5$. I acquired many a Zeppelin and Springsteen albums there when I began collecting.

From there, I moved to the front of the store where they featured all the new vinyl records. I bought a good chunk of many of my modern albums from those racks. Amongst those records, you won’t find the watered-down, substance-less pop and dance music that you’d find at the Urban Outfitters’ vinyl selection down the street. Jack’s is a great shop dedicated to real music and spreading it to the customers.

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