Product Spotlight: Shear Revival, Round 2 – Elm Street Lightweight Pomade

elmstreet1Back again after trying a different Shear Revival pomade, and I must say, I am once again thoroughly impressed. It’s awesome that 1) Shear Revival’s products are consistent in premium quality and 2) They’re American made and are based in the Garden State.

As I mentioned before in my post on the company’s Crystal Lake Water-based Pomade, I am not a big fan of oil-based pomades. This is because many oil based pomades you’ll find in most stores are just chemical labs in a can with ingredients you can barely pronounce. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients’ names, I don’t want them sitting in my hair; as oil-based hair products tend to stay in the hair much longer than water-based.

However, today I decided I would try an oil-based pomade, as I always have my hair styled and I would like something that stays put for a longer period of time. Of course, knowing Crystal Lake was a great product made with natural ingredients, I had no hesitation to try a Shear Revival oil-based pomade for my first foray into this type of product.


As with Crystal Lake, the packaging on Elm Street is seriously cool. The minimalist fedora icon, an obvious reference to the Nightmare on Elm Street film series, looks sleek and strong. The blue plastic canister with the metal lid also adds a lot of understated depth to the packaging which makes it a stylish statement piece in itself. The pomade itself smells exactly as the company’s website describes: “a clean oak & citrus scent” and it is a scent I am more than okay with carrying on my person.

After a few hours with a moderate amount of the product in my hair, the hold stays true to form. What’s great about both Shear Revival pomades that I’ve tried is that they hold the form you desire for your hair, but they do not leave your hair dry and sticky. You can comb and re-comb all day without any resistance from the product.

However, the best part about Shear Revival’s products is that they are made with natural ingredients. With ingredients like organic castor oil, pure jojoba oil, organic beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil, you know that what you’re putting in your hair is not a toxic batch of artificial chemicals. Rather, Shear Revival’s products are committed to giving your hair an excellent look and a healthy lifespan with natural ingredients.

You can grab your own canister of this quality product on the Shear Revival Website or pay a visit to one of the places that carry it like Calabrese’s Barber Shop.

(All images taken from Shear Revival’s website)


Evaporate: A Great Place to Vape

Evaporate store exterior

Evaporate store exterior

Asbury Park has recently seen some brighter days. The community is slowly revitalizing near the boardwalk area with fashionable independent businesses sprouting all over the Cookman/Bangs Avenue area. Young people are beginning to move into the area thanks to its low cost near the ocean. While I could write a thousand blog posts on just how nicely this community is beginning to turn itself around, I’ll stay focused to what I know. Now, I’ve covered Asbury Park-based places like Asbury Lanes and businesses like Shear Revival, but this time I’m covering a different business in a different industry.

Evaporate is an electronic cigarette retailer on Bangs Avenue. E-cigarettes, or vapes if you’d prefer, are a new trend we’ve seen rising lately. They provide one of the more viable ways to help many quit smoking, and many flavors also just taste great. I’ve seen people vape nicotine-free e-juice before without ever having touched a cigarette in their lives. Vaping can be anything from purely a quit-smoking aid to a social hobby. Many people are into customizing the e-cigarettes they use, and oftentimes people collect different mods to tinker with in their spare time.

Now, I don’t ever want to be too personal on this blog, but I was once a two pack-per-day smoker. From around 19 years to 21 years old, I would smoke at least one full pack each day. Cigarettes consumed my wallet, my health, and just generally made me a more unappealing individual in many ways. I tried quitting cold turkey, but it didn’t work for me. I tried replacing smoking with things like drinking coffee, but I couldn’t sleep because the ten cups of coffee I would drink in a day would keep me up all night. I needed a viable option to stop smoking.

I eventually started vaping, after trying out an e-cigarette that my friend had. After that, the rest was history. I found the one thing that helped me stop smoking. I quickly began collecting and trying various flavors of e-juice and fell in love with many good ones. Most of these good flavors I’ve tried have come from purchasing them at Evaporate.

Many e-cigarette retailers have their own house-made e-juices. While some may be good, most are rather poor quality and will go brown within a couple of days. Evaporate doesn’t do that. They don’t bother wasting their time on house-made juices since the e-juice market is now a craft market all its own. Rather than carry any house-juices, they have dedicated their business to providing supreme quality e-juices from notable companies around the globe. Their menu of different flavors also changes constantly, which makes each visit to their location an opportunity to try an interesting new flavor.

I should also mention that the store’s interior has some serious design points to it too. Walking in, you’ll find a lounge area with leather seating to your left right up against their big front windows. To the right, you’ll find an L-shaped counter with higher, bar-style chairs around it and samples of the various e-juice flavors they are carrying at that point in time. The coolest part? Well, that would have to be the counter itself. They have mini glass display cases embedded in the counter top. It’s seriously cool way to show off featured e-juice flavors they are selling.

Store interior from right before the shop's grand opening. The coolest part is how the store makes use of natural light in the front, and then uses warmer lighting in the back. It sets a great atmosphere with their dark walls and floors.

Store interior from right before the shop’s grand opening. The coolest part is how the store makes use of natural light in the front, and then uses warmer lighting in the back. It sets a great atmosphere with their dark walls and floors.

Evaporate also hosts various events at their location. I’ve seen many posts about them hosting live music at their shop before, which adds a unique angle to their business that no other e-cigarette retailer does. Not only are they an e-cigarette shop, but their location can also double as a venue, which is great considering the large amount of artistic talent spread out amongst the members of the revitalized Asbury Park community.

Finally, I can’t mention this place without mentioning how friendly their staff is. Every time I’ve gone in there, every staff member that has been working has always been friendly, talkative, and helpful. They are people that love their job and love helping people quit smoking and enjoy vaping. Their products range from beginner starter kits to elitist mods, and they know the ins and outs of every product they carry, which is reassuring to customers. As long as Evaporate has a staff like this, they’ll be a business that’s in good shape for a very long time.

Evaporate is located at 611 Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ. To find out what products they are featuring or currently carrying, visit their Facebook page.

(All images taken from Evaporate Facebook page.)

Product Spotlight: Shear Revival – Asbury Park NJ


Most of my previous posts here have consisted of locations, brick and mortar places to visit, if you will. This time, I’m writing about an excellent line of men’s grooming products you can acquire either online or in select stores near you. What company makes these products, you ask? Well, that company is a superb Asbury Park-based company called Shear Revival.

Shear Revival is a company that uses natural ingredients to make their products. They offer a variety of great items such as both water and oil-based pomades, beard oil, shave oil, after shave, and even their own wooden combs. This is no chemical lab-based pomade that you buy at just any old store. You can apply these products and know they’re formulated to help you maintain healthy hair.

Mitch, my good friend and barber that I’ve mentioned on here before, introduced me to Shear Revival’s products. One day, as I strolled into Calabrese’s Barber Shop for another cut, Mitch suggested that I try out Shear Revival’s new Crystal Lake Water-based Pomade. After the haircut was finished, Mitch applied some Crystal Lake to my new cut, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I have been searching for something like Crystal Lake my whole life.

Shear Revival's Crystal Lake Pomade

Shear Revival’s Crystal Lake Pomade

As someone who personally isn’t a fan of oil-based pomades, I have been using water-based ones for a number of years now. Water-based pomades only stay in your hair until you decide to wash them out, as opposed to the oil ones taking a while. I’ve tried many other water-based pomades like Layrite, Shiner Gold, Uppercut, etc. While those pomades are also great products, I never liked how they made my hair so rigid and stiff. Crystal Lake doesn’t give your hair that look. Rather, Crystal Lake gives your hair a smooth, natural look that you can easily re-style throughout the day without making your hair appear greasy or full of product. I can run my fingers through my hair, and the hair will move with my hand and not stay stuck in one place, as opposed to other water-based pomades.

In short, Shear Revival is a local company that is bringing fantastic men’s grooming products to the consumer market that include all-natural ingredients to give your hair a healthy look that you can re-style throughout the day. Since I’ve started growing my beard again, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of their beard oil.

*All images taken from Shear Revival’s Website

Click Here for Shear Revival’s Website