Product Spotlight: Shear Revival, Round 2 – Elm Street Lightweight Pomade

elmstreet1Back again after trying a different Shear Revival pomade, and I must say, I am once again thoroughly impressed. It’s awesome that 1) Shear Revival’s products are consistent in premium quality and 2) They’re American made and are based in the Garden State.

As I mentioned before in my post on the company’s Crystal Lake Water-based Pomade, I am not a big fan of oil-based pomades. This is because many oil based pomades you’ll find in most stores are just chemical labs in a can with ingredients you can barely pronounce. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients’ names, I don’t want them sitting in my hair; as oil-based hair products tend to stay in the hair much longer than water-based.

However, today I decided I would try an oil-based pomade, as I always have my hair styled and I would like something that stays put for a longer period of time. Of course, knowing Crystal Lake was a great product made with natural ingredients, I had no hesitation to try a Shear Revival oil-based pomade for my first foray into this type of product.


As with Crystal Lake, the packaging on Elm Street is seriously cool. The minimalist fedora icon, an obvious reference to the Nightmare on Elm Street film series, looks sleek and strong. The blue plastic canister with the metal lid also adds a lot of understated depth to the packaging which makes it a stylish statement piece in itself. The pomade itself smells exactly as the company’s website describes: “a clean oak & citrus scent” and it is a scent I am more than okay with carrying on my person.

After a few hours with a moderate amount of the product in my hair, the hold stays true to form. What’s great about both Shear Revival pomades that I’ve tried is that they hold the form you desire for your hair, but they do not leave your hair dry and sticky. You can comb and re-comb all day without any resistance from the product.

However, the best part about Shear Revival’s products is that they are made with natural ingredients. With ingredients like organic castor oil, pure jojoba oil, organic beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil, you know that what you’re putting in your hair is not a toxic batch of artificial chemicals. Rather, Shear Revival’s products are committed to giving your hair an excellent look and a healthy lifespan with natural ingredients.

You can grab your own canister of this quality product on the Shear Revival Website or pay a visit to one of the places that carry it like Calabrese’s Barber Shop.

(All images taken from Shear Revival’s website)


Product Spotlight: Shear Revival – Asbury Park NJ


Most of my previous posts here have consisted of locations, brick and mortar places to visit, if you will. This time, I’m writing about an excellent line of men’s grooming products you can acquire either online or in select stores near you. What company makes these products, you ask? Well, that company is a superb Asbury Park-based company called Shear Revival.

Shear Revival is a company that uses natural ingredients to make their products. They offer a variety of great items such as both water and oil-based pomades, beard oil, shave oil, after shave, and even their own wooden combs. This is no chemical lab-based pomade that you buy at just any old store. You can apply these products and know they’re formulated to help you maintain healthy hair.

Mitch, my good friend and barber that I’ve mentioned on here before, introduced me to Shear Revival’s products. One day, as I strolled into Calabrese’s Barber Shop for another cut, Mitch suggested that I try out Shear Revival’s new Crystal Lake Water-based Pomade. After the haircut was finished, Mitch applied some Crystal Lake to my new cut, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I have been searching for something like Crystal Lake my whole life.

Shear Revival's Crystal Lake Pomade

Shear Revival’s Crystal Lake Pomade

As someone who personally isn’t a fan of oil-based pomades, I have been using water-based ones for a number of years now. Water-based pomades only stay in your hair until you decide to wash them out, as opposed to the oil ones taking a while. I’ve tried many other water-based pomades like Layrite, Shiner Gold, Uppercut, etc. While those pomades are also great products, I never liked how they made my hair so rigid and stiff. Crystal Lake doesn’t give your hair that look. Rather, Crystal Lake gives your hair a smooth, natural look that you can easily re-style throughout the day without making your hair appear greasy or full of product. I can run my fingers through my hair, and the hair will move with my hand and not stay stuck in one place, as opposed to other water-based pomades.

In short, Shear Revival is a local company that is bringing fantastic men’s grooming products to the consumer market that include all-natural ingredients to give your hair a healthy look that you can re-style throughout the day. Since I’ve started growing my beard again, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of their beard oil.

*All images taken from Shear Revival’s Website

Click Here for Shear Revival’s Website

Calabrese’s Barber Shop: Where Classic Style Meets Quality Craftsmanship

cbbs(Photo Courtesy of Yelp!.)

Situated amidst Keyport, New Jersey’s Front Street Neighborhood, amongst all the antique shops, tattoo parlors, and eateries, lies Calabrese’s Barber Shop – a modern establishment with a true, classic atmosphere that stands out amongst other places where people simply go for a haircut.

Once opening the door, first-time patrons may feel the impression they’ve just stepped back in time. The old time country music playing on the radio, classic-style barber chairs, the antique cash register, and a display case featuring a mini museum of vintage and antique barbering products all contribute to Calabrese’s Barber Shop’s authentic and timeless atmosphere that many other shops try to replicate and rarely succeed.

I first visited the shop about two years ago when my friend Mitch introduced the place to me. At the time, he had aspirations to become a barber himself and was learning tricks of the trade from shop owner, Chris Calabrese. Fast forward two years later, and now Mitch is a licensed barber giving excellent haircuts at Calabrese’s Barber Shop.

Some might ask, beyond the shop’s design points, why is it a unique place worth visiting? Well, from my personal experiences there, I’ll explain.

As I started frequenting the place more often, I realized Calabrese’s Barber Shop is not just a place where people just sit silently while getting their haircut and leave. The reason this place is a true classic barber shop is due to the fact that it also holds a strong community presence. It is not uncommon for many people in the community to pop open the shop’s door just to say hello. The barbers and regular patrons are very friendly people that create a welcoming environment for any first-time customer.

Now, there’s one aspect I haven’t quite touched on just yet: the actual haircuts. The three barbers there: Chris, Ben, and Mitch are all professionally licensed barbers with a lot of experience under their belts, so any apprehensive customer can leave their pre-haircut anxiety at the door. Customers can ask for a variety of both classic and modern cuts and walk away more than satisfied with the outcome.

The shop also carries a selection of excellent hair products, mostly manufactured by Layrite and Asbury Park, NJ-based company Shear Revival. These are the products they will use to style your hair, which you can purchase yourself to get the same style at home.

To sum this all up, Calabrese’s Barber Shop is, in my opinion, the best barber shop in the area. Friendly, highly-skilled barbers put all their effort into giving customers the best experience possible. For a real authentic barber shop, look no further than here.

Calabrese’s Barber Shop Facebook Page

Shear Revival Website (subject of future blog post!)